In Memory Of: Oscar Searls

Oscar was born in 2004. We adopted him in the Summer of 2005. He was our boy. He loved green beans and never missed a meal. He could sit, lie down, turn around and rollover. He also understood the same commands in Spanish. He loved chasing a ball or frisbee when he was younger. He loved people and other animals. He enjoyed the outdoors and would sit out in the sun daily. He enjoyed traveling when he was younger. He liked having his picture taken. As he got older, he liked sleeping. Every groomer he ever had loved him. His vet, Dr. Sheen, also loved him as did his staff. He was 14 years old when he passed away on October 9, 2018. He had a stroke after having been sick with pancreatitis and an ulcer the last week of his life. We had to put him down. I have no doubt he was ready to go home to his creator. We miss him very much and will always love him. He brought a lot of joy to our lives but we also know we’ll see him in heaven one day. He was very special.

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