In Memory Of: Peaches

We found you outside alone when we were moving into our new townhome one year and a half ago, you were thin, scared, hungry, and so beautiful. Something inside me always knew we’d be yours when we finally took you inside before winter because I couldn’t stand you being out there cold, & hungry all alone.
Whoever knew you would have been the joy in our lives, you brought love, happiness, sassiness, and friendship upon our little family. It was an adjustment at first, after 2 months it felt like you had always been in our lives, which was so heartbreaking after it was time for you to go. we wanted you to stay longer but we loved you too much for you to suffer. You even tried to hold on a little longer the day of your passing, we know you love us as much as we love you, forever.
Peaches had many sickness, he had kidney disease, infections, HIV, and leukemia. we were blessed to have you and, in your last days of life, we will never forget you. Love Mom, Dad, & you best fur friends & gm.

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