In Memory Of: River

River was the spikiest little member of our family, but she was also one of the sweetest. During the four years we shared with her, we managed to earn her trust and get a prickly little snugglebug in cactus-cat form. She loved to run on her wheel, eat mealworms, and sleep! Sleeping was by far her favorite thing to do, and she was even happy to do so in our laps (or hoodie pockets), and in re-purposed Kleenex boxes on my desk. When she wasn’t busy knocking over all my figures, she did a great job of keeping me company while I worked. River didn’t take long to warm up to others either, always eager to climb onto a shoulder and try to get lost in someone’s hair. River was a hog of many talents and she will truly be missed forever. Our home feels empty without her, but we know that she is in a better place now, and we hope that someday maybe we will see her again. Rest in Peace, River! We will remember you always.

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