In Memory Of: Roxy

My Roxy is my Snuggle Bunny! I got her when she was 10 weeks old. Her mother was pregnant and the owner dumped her out in the woods. Thank God someone found her and brought her home and had 4 puppies. I got Roxy and Zha Zha. Boy our world changed!! They had some much energy . Both so sweet. Roxy would follow me around everywhere. At bed time she was right beside me sharing my pillow and hogging the bed! She is a beautiful, loyal, smart and brave friend. She loved going on new adventures and meeting new friends. She LOVED DINNER TIME. We miss her every day! But I know one day soon we will all be together again BUT FOREVER!! LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU ALWAYS!! YOUR FAMILY Maria, Zha Zha Dalton Sweetie and Hercules who is with you now in Heaven. ❤

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