In Memory Of: Sally

Sally’s first year of life was not with us and was very tragic. She joined our family in 2005 and instantly had a huge place in our hearts! She became a beloved companion, through joys and sorrows, at home or on the road. She made us laugh and was such a gentle soul when we needed comfort. For 16 years she grew up with our Twins and I always referred to “my three girls”.

Sally loved peanut butter, naps, ear scratches, tummy rubs, lounging by the pool, chasing squirrels in the yard, and chipmunks in Colorado! She loved to be home, to go on car rides or long trips. She just loved being with us and we treasured every minute of our time with her.

Funny. Fast. Brave. Loyal. True. Faithful. Gentle. Diligent. Steadfast. Selfless. Loving. Kind.

We will forever miss our Sweet Sally, our home seems so quite but our lives are so much richer for having her as a part of our family. We love you and hold you in our hearts.

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