In Memory Of: Sammie

We call Sammie our Walmart dog because we bought her from a breeder selling there. She had an amazing personality, always watching us for our expressions and looking for guidance. She liked boat rides, walks and throwing a toy and sitting in my lap. She was also a very stubborn girl until she got her way. And if she thought she was in trouble, well, when you called her to come she would duck her head and walk so slow and almost on tip toes. She had 5 pups in my closet and she was such a good little Moma. She started having seizures which continued to take a toll on her. Sammie was 12 years and 178 days when she went to her forever sleep which broke my heart. We loved her so much and she will be missed. I hope I see her in Heaven. She was Sammie my little Moma.

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