In Memory Of: Squeaky

Squeaky began his life as a feral kitten. His feral mama dropped him off in my back yard when he was 6 months old, and left him for me to adopt. This mama cat had left 2 kittens for me 8 years earlier, so she know that I was a soft touch. Squeaky was a good-natured brother to his siblings. He was a great hunter, especially of rats, and would sometimes leave one on the front porch for me to admire. He was a good boy, even at the vet’s office. When Squeaky wanted to go outside in the morning, he would reach his front leg through my mail slot, and make a noise with the front flap to alert me! I thought that was pretty clever. I took care of and loved Squeaky for more than 10 years, and I was sad when a neighbor’s bad dogs escaped and killed him. He didn’t deserve that!

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