In Memory Of: Storey

Storey was a stoic, quiet one, who was laid back generally (but was known for her short fuse at the vet–if she growled, look out!) At home, she was a purring machine who loved belly rubs. Storey had a weird fascination with dental floss (routinely making inspections from the bathroom counter) and she had an odd affinity for sleeping on anything denim. She’d play with plastic milk jug rings on her own in the middle of the night (much to the chagrin of anyone else trying to sleep.) Storey was notorious for sneaking up like a ninja kitty and planting herself directly behind someone when they were standing at a sink or kitchen counter. She had the cutest little chirp of a meow when she wanted to get someone’s attention and if asked if she was hungry, she’d muster up a decisive “Meow!” Over the years, Storey spent as much time grooming her sister as she did herself and coughed up many a hairball for her efforts. The hairballs will not be missed, but Storey is most definitely missed!

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