In Memory Of: Suki

This is Suki. She was a stray that “found” her way to our Mom’s house. Mom said she was running as fast as her little legs could carry her with some other stray dogs. Mom came out and called to her and Suki came to her. She was the perfect 4 legged companion and friend to “Nener” who was suffering with cancer. There would be times she would not allow anyone near Bobbie and you had to toss her a treat to distract her. Bobbie succumbed to cancer in 2011 and Suki came to live with one of Bobbie’s daughters and son-in-law. She was the same loyal companion to them. Due to pancreatitis and her heart, she passed away on May 28, 2020. Thank you Suki. Rest in peace. We all love you. Tell “Nener” hi.

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