In Memory Of: Sunny

We grieve for our family member and faithful companion Sunny. We find comfort in our many memories of our Sunny from 8 weeks of age through her senior years. Even when she weighed 70 lbs, she still slept with us and she wasn’t thoughtful about sharing our bed. She could jump over a 5 ft fence and even jumped over our neighbor’s shoulder. All of us were quite surprised at that feat. She could run as fast as the wind; her other dog pals could never catch her. As the three of us entered our senior years, the time took its tool but she never quit protecting her family. We couldn’t run up and down the stairs as we had previously done, however Ed and Sunny never stopped their twice daily walks. On December 17th, 2012 we realized the time had come to let our Sunny go. Although we have shed many tears, Sunny will always remain in our hearts and will be with us forever. Dr. Sue Ellen was with us from the first office visit until the time to gently let her go. Sunny is deeply missed.

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