In Memory Of: Tora

Tora was found at Ravenwood Vet with a mangled leg and FIV positive. She lost her leg due to infection, but her indomitable spirit led to her staying there 5 years as their house cat. We adopted Tora & she lived another 5 years with us, running, climbing & jumping as though she still had 4 legs. She definitely had the attitude of a VIP & could be demanding when things weren’t exactly the way she wanted! She fell in love with our grandson & was happiest when she was with him and complained loudly whenever he left. Multiple health problems in June led to her rapid decline, but buoyed by regular FaceTime contact with Mikey, she hung on until his return from vacation. She spent 5 more days with him and passed peacefully in her sleep while at his side. Tora was loved very much by her family & the good people at Ravenwood Vet, and also her new doctor, Dr. Kimbrough. We still grieve her passing and she will be forever in our hearts.

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