In Memory Of: Yahoo

I bought Yahoo when she was 8 weeks old. On the way from the breeder’s house, Yahoo got car sick. Every time when Yahoo got in the car, she drooled, was nervous and got car sick. I took baby steps in training her to jump in the car get out and then big rewards with treats with car not even running, then later jump in car with engine on with big rewards, then jump in car drive just to end of drive and back with big reward until she realized the car is not a monster, lol! I showed Yahoo in conformation she was so good, beautiful gait. Yahoo had that Aussie grin showing every tooth in her head and talked a lot. As she aged the grin went away and the talking. Later in her golden years confusion set in and she would hide in the corners of the house. I hated to let her go but knew this was not a life for her to live to be hiding in corners and confused all the time! I love Yahoo until I see you again!

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