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April is filled with several important pet health events: Heartworm Awareness Month, Dog Bite Prevention Week, Hairball Awareness Day and National Pet ID Week. Additionally, we are honoring the veterinary profession by celebrating World Veterinary Day on April 27th. We encourage you to post TexVetPets articles all month long. Please find shareable social media posts below that recognize these significant events.

Heartworm Awareness Month 
It’s National Heartworm Awareness Month, a perfect time to discuss heartworm prevention with your veterinarian. It’s especially important to be proactive about protecting pets in Texas, where the vehicle for heartworm disease—mosquitoes—runs rampant. Preventing heartworms is far easier, safer and more affordable than treating the disease, so partner with your veterinarian to protect your pet now.

Heartworm Awareness Month 

There are a lot of myths about heartworms floating around. Do you know the hard–and potentially life-saving–facts?

National Dog Bite Prevention Week: April 7-13
Children are the most common victims of dog bites. In light of National Dog Bite Prevention Week, which runs from April 7-13, we wanted to highlight the importance of teaching children how to safely interact with their canine companions.

National Dog Bite Prevention Week: April 7-13
Although dog bites can be unprovoked, dogs may bite for a variety of reasons that aren’t overtly apparent. The cause may be as basic as the dog not feeling well or being in pain due to illness or injury. This article covers some tips that you can use to prevent dog bites when interacting with unknown dogs.

Hairball Awareness Day: April 26
Falling on the last Friday in April every year, National Hairball Awareness Day–this year set for April 26–aims to promote awareness of our pets’ health and happiness. Predominantly a concern for cats, rabbits and cattle, hairballs are a healthy part of animals’ routines but can also be evidence of an underlying health issue. This article covers some common reasons your feline may be experiencing chronic vomiting.

World Veterinary Day: April 27
Today is World Veterinary Day! It’s a time to celebrate the profession and recognize veterinarians’ positive impact on the health of our animals. The Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation offers a special donation option to honor veterinarians who have provided outstanding health care to their patients. The Veterinary Honor Roll offers a unique opportunity to both honor your veterinarian and give a gift that will resonate for years to come.