Rusk Veterinary Assistance Grant: Helping Harley

Kim and Toby H. had just recently paid for their daughter’s open-heart surgery when they received the news that Harley, their beloved Pitbull mix, was dealing with a painful condition of her own. Harley was diagnosed with bladder stones, which were causing her increasing discomfort.

Kim and Toby were heartbroken watching their sweet girl suffer, but having just dealt with one expensive medical bill, they could not afford the surgery that Harley needed to relieve her suffering.

Kim and Toby were considering a humane euthanasia when their veterinarian, Dr. Kevin Stehn of Thrive Affordable Vet Care in Alvarado, Texas, suggested that they contact the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation about a Rusk Veterinary Assistance Grant.

Rusk Veterinary Assistance Grants are intended to provide pet owners, like Kim & Toby, with financial assistance in times of need so that they can provide their beloved pets with life-saving or life-changing veterinary care.

Dr. Stehn applied for the grant on behalf of Harley, and TVMF was glad to be able to help. With the bladder stones removed, Harley was able to get back to her normal, energetic self, and Kim and Toby are so thankful that they were able to give Harley the care that she needed.