Rusk Veterinary Assistance Grants: A Miracle for Barney

Erica W. wasn’t planning on adopting a dog, but when Hurricane Harvey hit and she saw a photo of a group of dogs that needed help, she knew the fluffy little tan puppy was hers. After taking care of his urgent medical needs, Erica faced a dilemma.  Barney suffered from early onset cataracts, which had obscured his vision so much that his veterinarian, Dr. Pamela Sabila of La Paloma Small Animal Hospital, described it as “looking through several sheets of wax paper.”  Erica was unable to afford the costly cataract surgery that would allow her young dog to see again, but Barney’s loss of vision was making him increasingly nervous and affecting his quality of life.  Dr. Saliba suggested that they contact TVMF about a Rusk Veterinary Assistance Grant.  We were so happy to help Barney, and even more happy to receive this lovely card from Erica & Barney after his successful surgery:

Dear TVMF,

I cannot begin to thank you for your support in helping me get Barney’s cataract removal and replacement lens implantation surgery in both eyes! I’m most grateful, this is something that I could have never done on my own. I prayed for a miracle for Barney’s eyes every day for months and your organization was the fulfillment of that miracle! Barney has become a new dog, he is exploring things he never knew existed. He absolutely loves to chase birds, squirrels, ducks, play fetch and go swimming! I am forever grateful for your organization & the second chance you have given my Barney Boy!

Forever Grateful,
Erica W. & Barney