Rusk Veterinary Assistance Grant: Chelsea

When Michelle lost one of her Weimaraners to dilated cardiomyopathy, her remaining dog, Max, was inconsolable. It wasn’t until she adopted Chelsea several months later that Max began to come out of his depression. Before she adopted Chelsea, Max had been lethargic and had lost his appetite.  That changed as soon as he met Chelsea; he immediately perked up, wanting to play and interact with her. Watching them, Michelle knew Chelsea was ‘the one’ that was going to help her and Max recover from their grief.

When Chelsea began to show signs of discomfort this summer, Michelle was worried. An ultrasound revealed that Chelsea had urinary stones which were causing her pain. Due to financial and family health issues, Michelle had to postpone Chelsea’s surgery, but watching her sweet dog be in pain was heartbreaking. Her veterinarian, Dr. William Watson at Tech Ridge Pet Hospital, helped her apply for a Rusk Veterinary Assistance Grant to help with the cost of the surgery.  TVMF was happy to help Chelsea. Her surgery went well and she is back to her happy sweet self. Michelle and Dr. Watson are committed to preventing any further stones from forming; Chelsea’s diet has been changed Chelsea’s diet and they are regularly monitoring her to note any potential issues.