TVMF Trustee Spotlight: Beverly Crocker, DVM

TVMF Remains Committed to Promoting Animal Wellness and Strengthening the Human-Animal Bond

For more than 40 years, the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation (TVMF) has been striving to ensure the well-being of all animals in Texas by supporting the veterinary profession, educating the public and providing aid for pets in need. In 2019, the TVMF Board of Trustees completed work on a new strategic plan. This has been an exciting opportunity to assess the strengths of our current programs, explore new ways to help Texans care for their pets and plan to ensure the sustainability of our efforts. 

In this issue, TVMF is highlighting Board Trustee Beverly Crocker, DVM, for her commitment, passion and unique contributions to forwarding the Foundation’s renewed mission and commitment to the profession and the animals it cares for. She recently shared how and why she wanted to become part of the more than 40-year-strong TVMF legacy.

“The TVMF mission summarizes why I am so passionate about serving the organization—consistently striving to improve the well-being of animals in Texas by supporting the veterinary profession, educating the public and providing aid for pets in need,” Dr. Crocker said. “This profession is so rewarding when we can educate, give back and better serve our communities.”

Dr. Crocker was originally introduced to TVMF while in school at the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

“I was aware of TVMF due to their sponsorships of and involvement in many student activities, but I was like many students whose primary goal was getting to graduation and thus was not involved further at the time,” Dr. Crocker said.

It wasn’t until after Dr. Crocker’s first year in private practice that she was reintroduced to TVMF.

“I was a member of the inaugural Power of 10 Leadership program through TVMA,” she said. “This program was very insightful and gave me the tools to see different avenues of leadership and service that are available as a practicing veterinarian in Texas. The avenue that I most identified with was TVMF.”

The connections and friendships Dr. Crocker gained from her Power of 10 experience were invaluable. 

“Through my Power of 10 class, I met Dr. Chad Harris, who is the current TVMF President,” she said. “When Chad first told me about open positions on the TVMF Board, I was immediately interested as a way to give back and support this amazing organization. After learning about leadership opportunities within TVMF, I knew that my values as a veterinarian were aligned with the Foundation’s mission and vision. Serving on the Board of Trustees was the perfect way to help directly support this great organization.”

Dr. Crocker now enthusiastically advocates for the Foundation and its focus on improving opportunities for veterinary professionals as well as on educating pet owners about the importance of regular medical care for their animals.

“As a veterinarian or pet-loving individual, it is important to give back to the community around you,” she said. “The best way to make a meaningful impact is through your support of TVMF. The Foundation is managed by a Board of Trustees that are guided by the TVMF mission, and all programs truly make a difference in the lives of pets and your community. To better understand this, just visit the TVMF website.”

A TVMF program near and dear to Dr. Crocker’s heart is the Rusk Veterinary Assistance Grant program, which provides funds to supplement a veterinarian’s charitable care for animals of low-income families or for families that have an undue financial burden due to extenuating circumstances. A primary goal of the Rusk Veterinary Grant is to keep the human-animal bond intact by resolving medical issues that threaten the animal’s health. 

“These grants empower the veterinarian with an option to help their patients receive the life-changing care they need,” Dr. Crocker said.

Each of the programs the Foundation employs to accomplish its mission continues to impact animals, pet owners and veterinary professionals throughout Texas. 

“As a whole, I look forward to TVMF’s annual impact report,” Dr. Crocker said. “These infographics show how each program TVMF supports is actively helping both the veterinary and pet-owning community. Personally, it was humbling to be a part of TVMF after Hurricane Harvey. As a Houston resident, it was difficult to watch the devastation the storm caused but empowering to help my community rebuild through the TVMF disaster relief grants.”

As TVMF looks to its future and how it can better serve veterinarians and the clients they serve, Dr. Crocker is excited to see TVMF achieve the renewed focus and continued growth the new strategic plan promises. 

TVMF thanks Dr. Crocker for her continued commitment and passion for the Foundation’s mission. It is thanks to the generosity and support of community members like her that TVMF is able to better serve animals, pet owners and veterinary professionals across Texas.