TVMF Trustee Spotlight: Dr. Dan Arrington

The TVMF Board of Trustees is comprised of members who are passionately committed to preserving the human-animal bond, promoting and serving the veterinary profession and providing pet owners with the resources they need to take care of their pets. A life-long animal lover, TVMF Trustee Dan Arrington, DVM, is no exception. As a young boy growing up on his family’s dairy farm, Dr. Arrington always knew a career with animals was in his future. His childhood dream was to be a house-call dragon veterinarian in shining flame-proof armor. 

“I soon learned that some cats can be fairly close to a dragon if they aren’t in a great mood so that would be close enough for me,” Dr. Arrington said with a laugh.

Dr. Arrington received his DVM from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in St. Kitts in the West Indies. It was through his connection to Ross that Dr. Arrington was first introduced to TVMF. 

“I learned about TVMF through the current TVMF President Dr. Chad Harris,” Dr. Arrington said. “Dr. Harris attended Ross University with me, and he would frequently share inspiring stories about how TVMF had a positive influence on our veterinary community. These stories motivated me to reach out, seek more information and simply ask how I can be more actively involved in giving back to our profession.”

While Dr. Arrington believes all TVMF programs are meaningful to him because of their impact on the community and the veterinary profession, he has, as an emergency medicine practitioner, found the Rusk Veterinary Assistance Grants, which provide TVMA member veterinarians with financial assistance to extend their charitable care to pet owners whose animals are in need of life-saving or life-altering veterinary care, to be particularly meaningful. Dr. Arrington sits on the TVMF Grants Committee, which reviews applications from fellow TVMA members, and has seen how this program has helped provide essential care for pets in need who have gone on to provide many more years of love and affection to their beloved families. 

Dr. Arrington also is inspired by the difference TVMF is making through the LEAP program. 

“LEAP is a shining example of a truly synergistic partnership between TVMF, TVMA member veterinarians and local non-profit organizations, which is no easy task,” Dr. Arrington said. “Simply read the testimonials and listen to the word-of-mouth where LEAP has made a world of difference in our community. So many people depend on their pets as companions, and we are helping enhance their well-being on a daily basis.”­­­­

When asked what excites him most about the TVMF mission, he said, “I am excited to be involved in collaborative efforts to support our profession and communities in Texas. The programs available, along with various educational resources, are excellent tools that will help serve our community and the advancement of our profession.”

TVMF was honored to welcome Dr. Arrington to the board in 2021. As we continue to celebrate our successes and plan for the future, we are so thankful for the dedication and support of Dr. Arrington and all of our Trustees, past and present, who have enabled us to accomplish so much.