TVMF Trustee Spotlight: Michelle Simon

The Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation (TVMF) Board of Trustees is comprised of veterinarians and non-veterinarians who are passionately committed to preserving the human-animal bond, promoting and serving the veterinary profession and providing pet owners with the resources they need to take care of their pets. 

A lifelong animal lover, TVMF Trustee Michelle Simon is no exception. As a top producer for Royal Canin for five years, Simon was able to take her love of animals into her professional role. She was inspired by the difference prescription diets could make in pets’ lives and was proud to work with veterinarians and their staffs to help improve the lives of pets.

It was through her work with Royal Canin that Simon was first introduced to TVMF. As a Royal Canin District Manager, Simon frequently worked with TVMF President Dr. Chad Harris of North Austin Animal Hospital. 

“He was always telling me about the TVMF PALS program and other fantastic grants they were working on, so I wanted to get involved and help out as much as I could,” she said. 

Simon is particularly drawn to two TVMF programs—the TVMF PALS program (a partnership with Meals on Wheels [MOW] that provides veterinary care free of charge to the pets of homebound seniors) and the Rusk Veterinary Assistance Grants, which provide financial assistance to pet owners whose animals are in need of life-saving or life-altering veterinary care. 

“Seeing TVMF’s results and how many pets we have helped is always my favorite part of serving,” Simon said. “For Texas pets, one of my favorite programs is the Rusk Veterinary Assistance Grants. I love that TVMF focuses on helping pets, serving people and helping veterinarians. Veterinarians dedicate their lives to helping our public’s pets, and it feels great to help them in times of need.”

When asked why she wanted to be a part of the Board of Trustees, Simon said, “I want to make a difference and help TVMF think outside the box. Funding programs is always a challenge, so thinking of unique ways to fundraise is one of my top priorities.” 

Since joining the Board of Trustees, Simon has been inspired by the passion and the energy she has seen from her fellow Trustees and volunteers for TVMF’s programs. 

“Everyone on the TVMF Board is incredibly passionate, so getting to work with them on ideas and strategies has been very rewarding,” she said. “I love being part of an organization that has so much potential!” 

Although Simon is no longer working in the animal health field, she continues to support TVMF professionally by incorporating philanthropy into her business model. As a mortgage lender, Simon donates to TVMF on behalf of each of her clients and continues to spread the word about TVMF and the impact of TVMF programs throughout the community.

TVMF was honored to welcome Michelle Simon to the board in 2017. As we continue to celebrate our successes and plan for the future, we are so thankful for the dedication and support of Simon and all of our Trustees, past and present, who have enabled us to accomplish so much.