TVMF Trustee Spotlight: Susan Stallones, Student Representative

While TVMF was established as the philanthropic partner of the Texas Veterinary Medical Association, the Foundation proudly spearheads several of its own programs dedicated to the health and welfare of animals in Texas. Each program is an integral part of the Foundation’s mission to help care for animals, educate community members and support veterinarian professionals throughout the state of Texas.

These initiatives are provided in partnership with other community collaborations, including the support and commitment of TVMF’s Board of Trustees. Throughout the 37-year history of the Foundation, the Board of Trustees has remained committed to building strong community-based partnerships and programs that benefit both animals and humans alike.

One area in which TVMF remains passionate is through the support of veterinary students, so much so that the Foundation requested that two student representatives from the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine join the Board of Trustees. Student representative Susan Stallones recently shared how she became involved in the Foundation’s mission-driven work and why she thinks TVMF is making a difference in communities through Texas.

“When I first started veterinary school, I was nervous, excited and couldn’t wait to start working toward my future career,” Stallones said. “I received the gift of a stethoscope from TVMF during the orientation to vet school (something TVMF does for every class), and I immediately became intrigued about the organization. I soon learned about the Foundation and decided I wanted to become involved with this organization because of the activities they participate in, the support they give the veterinary community and the assistance they provide the public.”

According to Stallones, programs that include TVMF’s pet owner education events and are making a significant impact for pet owners and veterinary professionals across the state of Texas. She believes the inclusiveness that TVMF programs foster really makes a difference between the pet, pet owner and veterinary professional.

“The thing that excites me the most about TVMF’s mission is that they are encompassing veterinarians, clients and pets in their efforts to improve care and education,” Stallones said. “They are supporting the cause of effectively caring for pets by not only supporting the animal and the client through accurate information but also by providing support to veterinarians and veterinary students. As a student, I am directly impacted by the support from TVMF, and it encourages me and other students to become more involved.”

Stallones’ response to TVMF’s mission and programs is exactly why the Foundation continues to convey the importance of reaching out to veterinary students and helping instill within them a sense of belonging within their community while underscoring that every veterinary student has something to give back. TVMF strives to encourage these young professionals to continue developing their philanthropic spirits beyond school and to take that sense of community with them as they move into new geographic regions to begin their professional careers.

“During my time as a TVMF representative, I have learned the importance of giving back to the community and supporting those who cannot afford access to veterinary services,” Stallones said. “Connecting the community to the field of veterinary medicine has been one of the most enlightening aspects of my experience. In three years, when I am a veterinarian, I think I will be a much more well-rounded doctor as a result of this position, and I hope to continue the good provided by TVMF.”

When others ask Stallones about her involvement with TVMF, she happily shares her excitement about the Foundation’s mission and impact and encourages her peers to become more involved.

“I tell my classmates to support TVMF because they are here to support our future careers and our field of veterinary medicine,” Stallones said. “They are a current and future source of information, tips and assistance for veterinarians and students.

“I have really enjoyed witnessing the effect TVMF has had on Texas,” Stallones continued. “From honoring pets to providing veterinary care to the pets of the elderly to providing support to veterinary students, I am proud to be a member of the Board of Trustees.”

To learn more about TVMF’s mission and programs, please visit or contact TVMF Director Leah Ann Tibbitts at 512/452-4224 or