Welcome to the Veterinary Profession!

Students are encouraged to unwrap their TVMF stethoscope gifts as soon as they receive them, but Jay chose to hold off just a little longer. Jay, first-year veterinary student at TTU-SVM, wanted to open his stethoscope and share the big moment alongside his family. 

Jay is from El Paso, Texas, and has always wanted to pursue veterinary medicine. 

“Since I was a kid, I saw my mom using a stethoscope for her work,” he said. “I used to get in trouble for playing with it all the time as I pretended to be a veterinarian. Being gifted one as a student of veterinary medicine was a dream come true!”

With his own stethoscope, Jay is no longer playing…now he’s practicing!

As a veterinary student, he immediately starts working on what it takes to care for animals, communicate with owners, and help create healthy communities. In taking the Veterinary Student Oath, he and his classmates pledge to develop scientific and medical knowledge and skills, foster their school’s core values, and conduct themselves with dignity and professionalism.

A stethoscope at orientation is just the beginning of a meaningful journey in the profession we love. Support Jay and future veterinarians like him by donating to TVMF’s Veterinary Student Support program. We couldn’t support them without you!

In addition to the generous stethoscope donors, Jay would also like to thank his parents, aunt, uncle and grandparents for helping him get to veterinary school. He also thanks his mentors, Dr. Jennifer Randall and Dr. Nancy Harvey from El Paso.

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